Aretha - Esthetician

Aretha graduated in Upstate New York and later perfected her craft in esthetics in Chicago Illinois. Practicing for over 15 years at high end neighborhood boutique spas and luxury hotel spas including Guerlain and Bliss W Hotel. Eight years working at Bliss gave her the consistent versatility to work with all skin types and learn many advanced skincare lines and modalities. There she also served as a lead technician in training and mentoring, followed by an advanced program in medical esthetics.

Aretha is very passionate about skincare and the entire wellness experience inside and out. She strives to receive results by combining science with nature and fully educating the client on how to care for the their skin on a routine basis. She is known for giving extremely relaxing treatments and phenomenal results!


Christina - Massage

In her 5 years as a Massage Therapist, Christina’s journey has taken many paths in the perfecting of her craft. Along that journey life had bestowed a revelation on her, positive energy was the food of the soul. Understanding this notion, she applied it to each opportunity offered and returned it tenfold. Her passion for massage is more than just the physical service provided, it is the spiritual journey taken with each guest in raising their spirits and building them to becoming their truer selves.

Christina has honed her skill’s in the mentorship of many skilled professionals. Having excelled at Anthem Institute of Massage Therapy, she was first of her class to earn a job at Bliss Spa where she understood the importance of providing exceptional and premium services in an upscale environment. Moving forward, as lead massage therapist of Hair Cult & Marma Day Spa she provided personal and spiritual guidance to a new avenue of guests. In recent times, Christina has pursued the medical spectrum of the massage world, studying under medical doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and chiropractors in order to even better understand the human body and most importantly the soul.

As Christina continues her journey as a Massage Therapist, her positivity and spirit grow evermore like the sun across the sky on the warmest of summer days. Her message remains the same as she first began, “The secret to wellness is happiness, let your energy guide you on this journey.”

“The secret to wellness is Happiness.Let your energy guide you on this Journey.”


Eddy - Massage

Eddy has maintained being most requested massage therapist at the Red Door Spa, NY for the last three years. He has been a licensed therapist for over fourteen years and graduated from the NY College of Health Professions. There he studied Swedish, Amma, Shiatsu, Tai-Chi and Sports massage. His main goal in his practice is to enhance the lives of others through stress relief via soft tissue manipulation.

His touch is very thoughtful, detailed and thorough.

Once in a massage a client said to him "I feel sorry that you can never experience your own massage"!

La Lune healing photo.jpeg

Lindsey - Reiki

La Lune Healing was founded by Certified Reiki Practitioner Lindsey Garant to provide individuals who deal with stress, pain or aliments with a natural and efficient way to re-balance and to heal from within: mind, body and spirit.

Working in an industry that was draining and unfulfilling, Lindsey started looking for other modalities to help feed her soul. Practicing meditation, breathwork and Reiki her new path became very clear. As an Empath, Intuitive and Highly Sensitive person (HSP) she was pulled toward her roots of and decided to dive deeper into her spiritual beliefs with a focus on Reiki energy healing.

"My goal is to share this wonderful gift with whomever is drawn to it. My mission is to become a clear vessel through which higher power can move for the service of others" -Lindsey Garant